Brand DynaPower

Back in the 90s, when smoke from charred ruins of the collapsed Soviet Union was still quite dense, many of our fellow citizens driving LADAs and that kind of Soviet scrap, suddenly made a breaking-through discovery. Use of European motor oils allowed to prolong engine service life in many times! It became realistic to drive 300,000 km without major overhaul, even 500,000 km! And with decent care and dependable engine up to 1 million km and more...

300 + thousand km
without major repairs

Import and distribution of this sort of miracle goods into Ukraine became a business of a group of young enthusiasts, at the time Kiev students and their friends from other Ukrainian cities. This is how we started our company 'Dynamica'.

Many of us have been working in the team since the very beginning, since 1993. At that time we were young and energetic, and now we are just energetic. We have overcome a range of crises together: 1998, 2008-2009, etc. and are confident that we will always keep on going ahead. What doesn't kill you makes you strongerNietzsche. All those bad and good times have made us a strong, stable, prosperous and dynamic company. That's because first of all our priority is respect to our customers. We say :"One can cheat only once, but good service will last for years". And that's what we do. Secondly, we offer only top quality products. And third, we gave a right name to the company. With such a 'dynamic' name we are doomed to succeed.

20 year
work experience

Dynamica SC Ltd as an independent Ukrainian company recently made a new step forward. After years of distribution and learning lubes technology we launched our own oil brand, the DynaPower branded range of lubricants. Origin of the name is simple. Dyna stands for Dynamica, and Power stands for power, in fact maximum power. Our products are made in Germany by our partners, an old independent West German Firma with over 100 years of experience in the lubes production. We are pleased to say that from now onwards with DynaPower oils we are responsible for our products with our own name.

Made in Germany

an enterprise with more than 100 years of experience
in the production of lubricants