DynaPower Synth SAE 5W-30

Tolerances of producers (level):

VW 504 00/ 507 00
Mercedes-Benz 229.51
BMW Longlife-04

Quality standards:


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DynaPower Synth SAE 5W-30 is a synthetic low ash motor oil for modern petrol and diesel engines, especially Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, prescribed to use ACEA C3 oils.
DynaPower Synth is designed for Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines equipped with with modern exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, e.g. DPF particle filters which require special low-ash oils. Use of 'conventional' oils is not allowed because higher quantity of components as phosphorus, sulfur and other elements present in additive packages block the filter, lower engines emission standarts, reduce engine power and increase fuel consumption.
DynaPower Synth shows excellent anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties, ensures perfect protection against wear, prevents unwanted bore polishing, has very high thermal and viscosity stability. Made for long drain intervals.
Technical data:
Parameter Value Standard
Density @15°С 0,849 g/ml DIN 51757
Viscosity @ 40°С 71,0 mm²/s DIN 515562
Viscosity @ 100°С 11,6 mm²/s DIN 515562
Viscosity index 155 DIN ISO 2909
Pour point - 42 °C DIN ISO 3016
Flash point 210 °C DIN ISO 2592
Base number 5,8 mgКОН/g DIN ISO 3771